About Us

05/06/2017 6:06 AM


Welcome to Sarem Tools!

Sarem Tools is a set of SEO tools website that will help you to solve your problems with different SEO Tools. All Tools are working and 100% free to use. Right now we have more than 50 SEO tools. In the future, we will add more tools to help internet Users. 

Sarem Tools can be used by


Students can use these SAREM TOOLS to see whether their assignments and other tasks are liberated from plagiarism.


Teachers can utilize this website to check to accept their students are presenting the first work or simply replicating it from the web.

Researchers & Web Admins

Researchers need to distribute a great deal of material for their #research.

They should ensure that their distributions and examination are unique, and they are not accidentally distributing counterfeited content.

Content writers & bloggers

Distributing unique substance is critical to higher SEO rankings.

Writers, bloggers, and article writers can utilize our free plagiarism checker to actually take a look at the creativity of their articles. They can write SEO-friendly articles for their blogs.